used-car-inspectionPre-Purchase Car Inspections

Want peace of mind when buying a new or used car or truck. The fact is that even in today’s world of “certified” used cars and low mileage vehicles, problems can lurk that will cause you a lot of undue aggravation, lost time from work or family and possible high repair bills.

Precision Automotive offers a low-cost, unbiased assessment of your potential vehicle purchase. Our detailed inspection will cover every major system as well as exterior inspection and performance tests.

We will provide you with a fair price that you should pay for the vehicle based on NADA guidelines and you can use this information as a bargaining chip with the dealer. Get Precision Automotive on your side and let us inspect your vehicle purchase before you buy.

Peace of mind costs only $129.95 and you get a coupon for half that price ($64.98) off any maintenance repairs on the vehicle we inspected or any vehicle owned by you.