Texas State Inspections

Texas law now requires your vehicle to pass an annual inspection which evaluates your car or truck’s safety and emission systems to fall within certain parameters.  This state inspection must be performed and passed each year to renew your vehicle’s registration.  Additionally, you must provide valid proof of insurance before we can inspect your vehicle.

If your vehicle fails its inspection, retesting is free within 15 days if you fix the issues that were keeping the vehicle from passing the state inspection.  Precision Automotive Services can assist in getting the necessary repairs to pass the test in the event it takes auto repairs.

As a result of House Bill 2305 passed during the 83rd legislative session (2013), the State of Texas no longer issues inspection stickers and has transitioned to a “Two Steps, One Sticker” vehicle inspection and registration program. Your registration sticker serves as combined proof of registration and inspection. Beginning March 1, 2016, you will have 90 days to complete the Two Steps. In order to renew on time, your vehicle must pass inspection no earlier than 90 days before your registration expires.

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